Methodology of the Craft

The question you eventually should ask yourself when you get into a hobby is, “Why am doing this and what does it produce in my life and the lives around me?”

There is generally not a wrong answer but I think it is something worth exploring.

When you first start a hobby it’s simply because you’re interested and it brings you a bit of happiness. Now that may still be the same but I think as a mature human (or even non-human) you should re-examine the motives.

Today’s culture will tell you to “do it cause it feels good,” I’m telling you that is not enough. The mark of a mature humble person is that they have a reason for the things they do. I drink coffee because I like it and because it activates me faster than water and makes me more alert. I stop eating bread and cheese on a regular bases because I was tired of “food coma’s” after lunch and I believe I will live a happier and healthier life that way.

Your hobby is the same way. It also helps you to navigate your path.

Are you content with just wondering through your craft (hobby) with no direction? There are many “Jack-of-all-trades” but very few masters. And I guarantee that those masters got there by asking themselves the right question. And, it’s your hobby, your craft, if you like it as much as you think asking yourself these questions will not be a bother but an adventure, forcing you to explore ever deeper into that world. It’s almost exponential in the gaining of knowledge and skill.

Explore the avenues and ally ways of this hobby and don’t be afraid to just “do” the hobby. Never feel like your not good enough to paint this miniature or try that technique. You learn by doing. Don’t let fear of “doing it justice” stop you from trying. As my friend Paul has said, you can also soak it in cleaner and start over. And as I like to say, you can always buy that miniature again and do it again later.

Paul Partida aka Ub3r_N3rd:

I got a beef with people in the community who think “they aren’t good enough” to paint X. I see this all too often where people will get amazing sculpts and not want to paint them until they are “good enough to do it justice” or “good enough to not screw it up.” PSH! I say! PSH! Paint them up! Don’t wait, you are good enough, you can paint it up and do it justice and in the chance that it’s completely not to your liking, guess what? You can easily put it in some simple green for a couple days and then gently scrub it off with an old tooth brush and warm soapy water and do it all over again with a new and fresh sculpt to paint. I just don’t understand this mentality from people, if you aren’t good enough now? When will you be? Will you ever be? Are you waiting to be as good as someone like Jessica Rich, DKS, Michael Proctor, Marike Reimer, etc? Don’t you think they all had to start somewhere and they had their own doubts about their painting abilities? The only way you get good is through practice and experimentation.

Take a chance, have fun and enjoy the hobby rather than just putting aside to some day do it and never get around to doing it, seize the day before it’s too late to do so! No more excuses, just doooooo eeeeeeet!!

It’s actually an interest endeavor to do a miniature you did WAY back, again. Then compare. I have one I plan on doing that with one day. I’m looking forward to it. Put some thought into your next step. You might even try writing it out a bit. It always has a positive effect to self assess. I encourage you to face your fears and realize they are nothing compare to the gains. Find a good community of artist and just be there.

Thanks all for now.



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