Support Lance +1

First off this is the first WIP and the first Battletech and, therefore, the first OmniArmory post!


Support Lance 0

The Process:

  1. Removing model lines and flashing.
  2. On a few of them I decided to change the arm position to me more aggressive. So I cut the arms off. Sanded them flat. Drill holes for pinning then pinned & super glued them into position.
  3. Washed them with warm ware and soap
  4. Dremel Buffed them
  5. Base mounted to new MDF Hex bases. The bases are from
  6. Then used a 2:1 ratio of Apoxie Sculpt and Greenstuff. Filled gaps in arms and mistakes made from my dremel head touching the miniature. I did a little custom work on the Hunchback (far right). Made a tree for him to stand on.
  7. Then super glued from rocks a got from a friend (Paul).

Over all the turn out is pretty great.  More to come.


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