Stalker-MWO Big Wally 2.0

This was a gift to Mr. Wally for his birthday. It’s a new design for the Stalker mech from Battletech. It’s designed after the MechWarriors Online version.

It’s equipped with the standard Stalker armament but in addition to that I gave it an anti-personal system located under the back of the head. You can see the yellow caution sign in the photo. As well as a one time use holographic decoy and one time use cloaking device. It’s only good for two movement phases. So it’s really just used to allow the pilot to get into position, set up his holographic decoy and wait for the enemy to fire at him then the cloak turns off and he opens fire.

The cloaking device is render useless if the enemy see the him as their computer system will then keep track. They have to get out of sensor range to engage the cloak.

You’ll notice if you look hard enough you can see destroyed mech markings on one side and the name big WALLY on the other. The number “16” is for the 2016. And I went with a blue cockpit glass because the shirt I bought him was blue. 

I did a combination sand and flocking on the base. The sand is painted to look like rock. He (like my other mechs) is on an MDF hex base I purchased from Waresnal.


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