The Merchant of Backwater

Half Orc Merchant

  • Painted by: Devin Brackett
  • Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson
  • MAY 2018

Title: The Merchant of Backwater

This piece was one of particular interest for me. I remember the first time I saw it I just had to paint it. It seemed so odd but had so much personality.

The very last picture: The last picture is of the bottom the base. I used this wood chip from a woodcrafters store. I’m fairly certain my grandfather – who lived in Tulsa OK until his death – went to this store all the time. He was Sales me by Trade and a craftsmen

by… other trade. I thought it fitting to use this chip on the Half Orc Merchant. 

Thank you all for the support. I have procrastinated photographing this for various reasons but he is finally done. Hope you enjoy. 

Half Orc Merchant 7 FINISHED Front Low LOGO

Half Orc Merchant 8 FINISHED Front High LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 9 FINISHED Front SIDE LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 10 FINISHED LEFT LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 11 FINISHED Back LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 12 FINISHED Back 2 LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 13 FINISHED Front 2 LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 14 FINISHED Front PENNY LOGOHalf Orc Merchant 15 FINISHED Bottom LOGO


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