Usidore the Blue

Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905

Title: Usidore the Blue

The second figure done in honor of Hello From The Magic Tavern. This is Usidore the Blue. I was very pleased how he turned out. I got the red face of a wizard that drinks a lot of mead. Ha! As well as his staff that I sculpted in the rock based on the lore of the type of stone he has in it. Finally the bird is paint to be a sparrow – his favorite type of bird. The base is also sculpted. Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 1 Front 01 LOGO

Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 2 Front 02 LOGO

Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 3 Back 03 LOGO

Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 4 Back LOGO

Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 5 Back High LOGO

Arthur Wanderhat FINISHED 6 Front PENNY LOGO



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