Wise Frodulf

Wise Frodulf RBG0227

January 2017

Warband Part 5


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Nuclear Plant 01 – Destructible Environments (Part 2)

After priming I set out to add a little color and started the realistic water effect. In the pictures below you will see 3 green sections. The one in the center is going to be the main focus. I plan on using a duller green wash from Vallejo to dull the two silos down a bit. The center section was multiple layers of the realistic water. The first layer was clear the subsequent ones have a bit of Clear green added to the mix. I’ll take a close up of it once all is said and done. And as you can see from the constructed piece, I took one of the silos off. They screw in. Pretty neat ah?

5 Nuclear Plant Destroyed BACK Primed Plus6 Nuclear Plant Destroyed FRONT Prime Plus Water effect

Support Lance +1 (Part 2)

Support Lance 1

Part 2

Left to right: Jagermech JM6-S, Quickdraw QKD-4G, Zeus SEU-6S, Whitworth WTH-1, Hunchback HBK-4G.

  1. Jagermech JM6-S
    • Ginger Bread wash, over layed with a VJ German Grey Wash. Then dry brushed again with Ginger bread.
    • Anarchy Model Micro HEX Stencil: Ruddy Leader
  2.  Quickdraw QKD-4G
    • Ginger Bread base coat. Black to German grey (VJ) transition. German Grey wash to blend to Ginger bread.
  3. Zeus SEU-6S
    • Vomit Brown (GW) base coat, Brown Wash.
    • Freehand strips
  4. Whitworth WTH-1
    • Vomit Brown (GW) base coat, Brown Wash.
    • Anarchy Model Micro HEX Stencil:¬†Leather White
  5. Hunchback HBK-4G
    • Leather White Base coat, Washed with Black wash.

Support Lance +1 Part 1