Undead Horde by Mantic Games

The Undead Horde by Mantic Miniatures

  • COMPANY: Mantic Miniatures
  • Painter: Devin B

December 2016


Your intrepid warband marches confidently on the outskirts of the frozen city. After a long campaign clearing out the area your brave band of soldiers are ready to pursue deeper in to the white laden ruins. The cold wind, although bitter, has become manageable for your warband. Swiftly the winds begin to rush in from the inner part of the frozen Acropolis, deathly cold. Visibility is no more than twenty to thirty feet in front. Ahead you can see the white and grey haze of snow concealing the ruins. Your captain shouts, “halt” as the warband freezes in it’s tracks. A slight sound of creaking then the dull murmur of metal sliding across stone and ice. The sound echos through the winds shaking your men to their cores. Slowly but suddenly a troop of skeletons flanked by two heavily armoured skeletons appear in the distance. It’s just as you feared… 


-=The idea was to make them look like they are slowly marching out of the snow blind. It’s so cold snow is sticking to them. =-

-= The snow flocking turned out better than I expected. I copied the techniques of some fellow Frostgrave players here on the forums and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Although with these it’s hard to see but some other Frostgrave miniatures (which you’ll see later) It turned out excellently. =-

-=This has been an entire painting season for me. LOTS of wargaming stuff and it is all finished around now. I hope you guys like it.=-



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Nuclear Plant 01 – Destructible Environments (Part 2)

After priming I set out to add a little color and started the realistic water effect. In the pictures below you will see 3 green sections. The one in the center is going to be the main focus. I plan on using a duller green wash from Vallejo to dull the two silos down a bit. The center section was multiple layers of the realistic water. The first layer was clear the subsequent ones have a bit of Clear green added to the mix. I’ll take a close up of it once all is said and done. And as you can see from the constructed piece, I took one of the silos off. They screw in. Pretty neat ah?

5 Nuclear Plant Destroyed BACK Primed Plus6 Nuclear Plant Destroyed FRONT Prime Plus Water effect

Support Lance +1 (Part 2)

Support Lance 1

Part 2

Left to right: Jagermech JM6-S, Quickdraw QKD-4G, Zeus SEU-6S, Whitworth WTH-1, Hunchback HBK-4G.

  1. Jagermech JM6-S
    • Ginger Bread wash, over layed with a VJ German Grey Wash. Then dry brushed again with Ginger bread.
    • Anarchy Model Micro HEX Stencil: Ruddy Leader
  2.  Quickdraw QKD-4G
    • Ginger Bread base coat. Black to German grey (VJ) transition. German Grey wash to blend to Ginger bread.
  3. Zeus SEU-6S
    • Vomit Brown (GW) base coat, Brown Wash.
    • Freehand strips
  4. Whitworth WTH-1
    • Vomit Brown (GW) base coat, Brown Wash.
    • Anarchy Model Micro HEX Stencil: Leather White
  5. Hunchback HBK-4G
    • Leather White Base coat, Washed with Black wash.

Support Lance +1 Part 1


Nuclear Plant 01 – Destructible Environment

This is one of my first in a new line of Destructible Environment terrain pieces. The idea is pretty simple; create terrain that changes as the battlefield does. The major idea of this comes from my background in video games and mostly the game Battlefield. It’s a key element that sets that video game apart from its peers.

Part 1 – Unpainted:

Support Lance +1

First off this is the first WIP and the first Battletech and, therefore, the first OmniArmory post!


Support Lance 0

The Process:

  1. Removing model lines and flashing.
  2. On a few of them I decided to change the arm position to me more aggressive. So I cut the arms off. Sanded them flat. Drill holes for pinning then pinned & super glued them into position.
  3. Washed them with warm ware and soap
  4. Dremel Buffed them
  5. Base mounted to new MDF Hex bases. The bases are from Warsen.al
  6. Then used a 2:1 ratio of Apoxie Sculpt and Greenstuff. Filled gaps in arms and mistakes made from my dremel head touching the miniature. I did a little custom work on the Hunchback (far right). Made a tree for him to stand on.
  7. Then super glued from rocks a got from a friend (Paul).

Over all the turn out is pretty great.  More to come.