The goal of this section of Iron Bristle addresses an issue that I don’t see other artistic outlets cover. Usually because they feel it’s not their place or potentially controversial.

Well, I think it is our place to address in the our own manner or style. It reminds me of school when the teacher says we should be asking questions because someone else probably has the same question. To that end I have created this section to address a trend in not only myself but in the artistic community at large; Motivation, depression and step-by-step improving.

As I am no expect in the field so most of the information will be helpful links and podcast I have found that address the issue straight on. Additionally, my general approach to all things is in the #nobullshit style.

Depression and motivation are a serious Issue I’ve seen in myself and the community. To combat this I will refer you to The Art of Manliness site and a few of their podcast that speak directly to this topic.



… More to come.